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"Why not give Keith Preene his own TV show? He could tour working men's clubs and town halls all over New Zealand. Now, that I would watch"
The Press, Charlie Gates
Golden Goose (Keith “The Numbers” Preene)
Self-Directed/ Produced/ Marketed/ Written/
Performed 2008/09/10/11/12/13/14
November 2010/11 sell out seasons (NZ)

Allstars Of Comedy Tour
Self-produced/marketed and hosted 2010 (NZ)

Laugh Inn
Self produced/marketed 2009/10 (NZ)

Canned Laughter Tour (NZ) 2007

Dot & Evelyn National Tour
Co-written, produced and performed. National Tour (NZ)

Isaac Theatre Royal (NZ) 1998

Repertory Theatre (NZ) 1997